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Couples Therapy

Trusted Relationship Advice

INTERCEPT BEHAVIOR in Jacksonville, Florida, offers counseling and relationship advice to couples. We focus our marriage counseling on many influencing factors causing strife between couples. Listening to both sides and working through the layers of concern will result in improved relations and personal awareness.

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Improve communications with our relationship counseling. The state of being connected or related or the mutual dealings, connections, or feelings that exist between two parties is a challenging area for most people. We offer tools to improve your relationships, whether with a significant other or others.

Intimacy Concerns

Feel safe and enjoy intimacy on a whole new level after honestly talking through difficulties with a professional, trusted counselor. We help resolve intimacy issues, including characteristics of sex, sexuality, and the sexes or sex organs and how they function.

Substance Abuse

Rebuild understanding and trust in your relationship. Improper or excessive use is the definition of substance abuse. The mental and physical effects of alcohol and drug abuse causes deep hurt in relationships, but we can help couples work through those pains for a renewed relationship.

Women's Concerns

Our society expects a lot of women today and the expectations can become overwhelming. We specialize in the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed to women, allowing us to help couples identify and better communicate.

Substance Abuse